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Whenever a newcomer to the vast world of comics walks into a comic book store the selection of material to choose from is positively dizzying. How does the prospective buyer select a comic or graphic novel that’s worth their money? Enter Sequential Highway.

Sequential Highway is not only becoming the site to turn to for the latest comic book news and industry happenings, but for original content too. One of the many exciting aspects of the European market we enjoy is its variety of genres. Because embracing diversity will grow and mature the comics market, we at Sequential Highway HQ seek out and promote a range of the most exciting works of sequential storytelling we can lay our hands on.

We have many exciting interviews and features planned for the weeks and months ahead. Our new “Review” section, with staff writer Will Scott, premieres on March 26, 2012, and will cover a diverse line of projects, from indie comics and bande desinée to superhero odysseys. All publishers are welcome, quality content is our priority.

We have just launched “Noteworthy,” a new section of our site that highlights projects, publications, and artists that, due to the quality of their work or their creative message, warrant greater attention from the comic book market.

“Publisher Q&A’s” are just around the corner, and our upcoming “Top Shops” segment will feature distinguished comic book stores, and their owners and staff, from around the world. Retail shops are the bricks and mortar of this industry and deserve steady support and patronage. The market would be poorer indeed if printed comics were to be completely swallowed up by the digital age.

Julinda Morrow’s “15 Questions” is off to a vigorous start. Her interviews with Mike Grell, Steve Rude, Gerhard, David Petersen, Paul Gulacy and Dawud Anyabwile have enjoyed a strong reader reception. Well, we’ve got Jeff Smith, Marc Silvestri, Dylan Horrocks, Colleen Doran, and many more wonderful artists in the queue.